Mansfield Bed Bug Inspection

A Mansfield bed bug inspection from McAuley Pest Control could save your home from a full-on infestation. This type of household pest is extremely elusive and very difficult to get rid of. Our service helps you identify problems as early as possible and treat infestations using safe, effective methods.

You may discover that you have a problem when you, your family, or household pets start to get an itchy, irritating rash, especially upon waking in the morning. These pests don't just live in beds, either. They can breed and feed just about anywhere in your home including upholstery, linens, baseboards, and even clutter. In order to fully exterminate, you need to kill the eggs as well as the bugs themselves.

We provide inspection services as well as extermination services. We do a full and thorough survey of your property to make sure we identify every possible infested area. If treatment is necessary, we use only environmentally safe and responsible products to help us deliver the best results without harmful chemicals. When possible, we can provide service the same day as your call. Emergency services are also available.

All of our results are guaranteed and our prices are unbeatable. You'll get the quality work you expect at a great value. For a Mansfield bed bug inspection, call McAuley Pest Control today and one of our fully licensed and insured technicians can provide a free estimate for work. Emergency services and same day service appointments are available. We also work in the communities of Crestline, Ashland, Ontario, and Shelby. Don't forget to ask about our unbeatable prices! Service plans are available on request.